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6 Evidences of Change What I Know for SUre

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In all my long-legged Life I never expected this. Out of the darkness of the very distant past into the Light of The Present a long ago Friend. Guy. Boyfriend. A facebook friend request. Now a grown Man. I, a grown Woman.

A very very wary, cautious uberIndependent, Successful, Solo Grown Woman. Two super private, highly-favored people. You get the idea. 😉

The conversations we’ve had over the months since have answered long-held wonderings, healed long time wounds, and washed away unknown hardness & bitterness deep within me. Whether to continue seeing this man has been my ongoing wondering and question to God. I was finally healed & satisfied. I’m done. Let’s move on.

What, Lord? Move on together? Why? For how long? why?!  God’s response “Could there be more?”

like. you mean. it’s not about me? ouch.

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Love Is Free But Trust Is Earned -How to Risk Trusting Someone Again 

When we met about 9 months ago, after all this time (39 years- i know right? i sure don’t feel that ‘mature’)

Let’s be real. There are people in our lives who for sanity and safety you MUST ‘love’ from a (g-r-e-a-t) distance. With wisdom, you may or may not, at times try to reconcile, reconnect. On this Boundaries lesson alone I’ve spoken, taught, mentored and discoursed. Sometimes with positive effects – other times on deaf ears of the too lonely-too broken-hearted. So now, how do I make sure we don’t become them? rushing in or waiting too long?

I’m not lonely. I’m not broken-hearted. I’m happy. Have a great Life. Lots of friends & activities. Healthy. Wealthy and Wise. Well. ok. Wiser. My eyes are wide open and I suddenly find my heart is opening, as well. Who knew.

We’ve unpacked so much Baggage between us, we should be salaried.


God’s timing. For healing. For Wholeness. Here’s 6 ways we know real change is occurring in both of us:

*he initiated and apologized for the hurt he may have caused me in the way we had parted or during our young love relationship. He recognizes, does not disregard or discount the pain.

*he humbled himself and continues to, daily. before God and others.

*he shows me and others his changes are “for real”, asking for guidance, insights and offering his servant leadership skills.

*he’s helped me move from super independent to balanced interdependence. (i know. right?!)

*he listens, listens some more, reins me in, talks me down, lifts me up, communicates.

*I listen to, respect, admire and find myself trusting him with deep (real or emotional) concerns.

That is amazing.

who knew?

Thanks Facebook. 🙂 Thanks Father God.

Until next time, slwh

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11 Replies to “6 Evidences of Change What I Know for SUre”

  1. Sometimes we need to reconnect with our past to move forward. I enjoyed a 40 year reunion with school friends earlier this year. I didn’t want to go but so glad I did. #motivationmonday have a lovely day!

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    1. So thankful for those times. You are right in every insight. Connecting with the past corrects our course in so many ways we never might have imagined. But God. Thanks for you inspiring self! Smiles & Hugs. Shandra


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