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The Spirit of the Orphan or The Spirit of The Sonship ?

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“The only way to break an orphan spirit is for people to be filled with a sense of the Father’s love for them in Christ, which then enables them to become mature sons who serve God out of knowledge of His undeserved grace instead of trying to earn the Father’s love through performance.”




Several years ago, the youth Pastors I’d served with  returned to our small town for a visit, inviting many to a meet and greet.

The family during their tenure with our already very large middle school ministry had been instrumental in creating fun community and community outreach events where all kids felt welcome and felt the Love of Christ. As much as we were about the fun in Fellowship I always sensed a tiny underlying hurt in the dad. Not abusive, threatening or anything at all sinister just a very “small ” something I couldn’t quite put my finger on…as if all the challenges of life  wearing him- a verbal dig here, an emotional jab there.

Now, here their team was to share in their next step journey. They were Changed. Alive. electrified. With a full house. A rapt audience. This once wearied group, led by this New Creation earthly Father talked of miracles, Sozo healing, and New Winds of revival.

“What’s happened to him?” Silently asking of The Lord. “He found the TRUE Love of The Father.ME.Yaweh.”

Ah, I smiled. All made sense now.


“Father God never intended for us to live as orphans without a Father or without a home. Receive a revelation of how to live from your identity as a child of Father God.” Leif Hetland


The Orphan Spirit is a life that gets sucked into survival mode where they do whatever they have to do to stay out of a position where they might be abandoned once again.  If they have to lie, they lie.  If they have to cheat, they cheat.  If they have to hurt others, they hurt others.  Those with the orphan spirit have been thrust into survival mode, and if you have ever been there it seems impossible to make your way out.


Anyone? We all have a little bit of the Orphan in us. poor choices and *gasp!* mistakes. Sometimes we feel stuck.

On the positive side- (for better or not, this is sooooo me) the ‘orphan’ spirit can be:

“Orphan archetypes are down-to-earth realists, with solid virtues and a lack of pretense. They are empathetic egalitarians who believe in the inherent worth of all and highly value dignity of others, as well. Acceptance comes easily to them, as they are fair, friendly, understanding, and inviting. They are democratic, and not in the political sense, because they believe in the Three Musketeers concept of “one for all and all for one.”

They learned independence and interdependence at a young age, and they pragmatically and perceptively face facts as they are, not as they wish they are. They can really rally after a set-back and have a natural resilience.They are most fulfilled when they are within a group and feel like they are “one of the gang.” As a result, they relate and connect well with others, enjoying networking and camaraderie, which suits their warm, kind, outgoing and sociable personality. They have what is a called a “common touch” to motivate others to pitch in, solve problems, and just generally do and be their best.” Jeannie Campbell

For Independence Day what better thing to give than Freedom?

Let’s be clear. One does not need be an actual Orphan to have developed the mindset. One does need to be reflective purposeful and aware to change it.

Hope you’ll find these resources useful. Please check them out. Reflect. Sit with it. Let Father God speak. Be Healed.

The Orphan Spirit The Poverty Spirit

View the Orphan Spirit Presentation – The Well power point

Spiritual Orphans

Next up, Some thoughts on breaking the “Orphan mindset”. Blessings, Shandra

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