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Into Sonship Breaking The Orphan Spirit – Reflection leads to Freedom!

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Long ago and far away I began what some of my peeps still call (over)analyzing (i call it reflecting, thank you very much).

Situations, people, events, whatever. Where ever you fall in this discussion I would challenge you to consider the Purpose of Reflection

*Learn from past mistakes HOW TO AVOID repeating them-you choose.

*See the bigger picture while incorporating new learning-lessons for progress and growth-you choose.

(you can learn more here)- When New Ushers Out Old 

At some point through out 2008-2010 God led me to inner healing through the finished works of Christ on the Cross & the inner healing of deliverance prayers often know as SOZO : saved and healed. The focus in one particular women’s study was : The Father Ladder | With my understanding (refection!) & God’s gracious revelation(!) the significance and our own personal prejudices/hindrances of “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” rocked my tight, little religiousity-laden world.


Since then I’ve never looked back, only moved forward and have been honored to witness many more ‘stumble’ into healing along the way.

Need more proof? characters WHO’VE COMPLETED inner healing & THERAPY & gone on to become scandalously Prosperous:


The Innocents –  by Jeannie Campbell


Perhaps you’re new here?

Living As A Son of God vs. As An Orphan – Adoption into the Family of God means acceptance. But how to receive that new title, love and adoption into Heir-Sonship?

The ‘down” side :

Orphan (and poverty) thinkers settle for relationships that are superficial. Establishing mature relationships is difficult for some Orphans. They might appear needy and clingy in their desperation to make sure other people won’t leave them.

Orphans don’t trust authority, and this can lead to looking to peers, not “parents” (reasonable adults or authority), for answers. Their idealism can also be a shadow trait, because when the world doesn’t measure up to their ideals, this leads to negativism.


To belong
To restore a feeling of safety
To connect with others


To be alone
To be alienated
To stand out from a crowd
To be abandoned
To be exploited

How can you regain your youthful energy, innocence and most importantly CONFIDENCE in CHRIST to live in Scandalous Freedom?

Healing the Orphan Spirit | Dawna De Silva

Breaking the Orphan Spirit – Breaking the Poverty Spirit  “The spirit of poverty is more than a lack of money.  People with wealth can have the spirit of poverty.  I have seen poor people who have a wealthy mindset and wealthy who have a poverty spirit.  People who are never satisfied and hoard demonstrate a poverty spirit.  A poverty spirit says, “I can’t” and a wealthy spirit says, “God can.”  A poverty spirit feels weak, and a wealthy spirit feels strong.  Revelations 2:9, says we can be in physical poverty yet still be rich.”

Breaking the spirit of poverty – Every Home for Christ

Overcoming An Orphan Mentality

 God Wants YOU Well

Still not convinced? Take the time YOU need to heal, learn to pray, to hear God’s voice and discern HIS will for your Life. You’ll never know the True You (and neither will we) until you do.


Until next time, May your ways be paved with righteous reflections and Revelations. Sincerely, (sitting in for the vacationing SLWH)-

George Bailey, Cinderella, Pollyanna, Forrest Gump and Mary Poppins.

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