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You’re nothing like they claimed – When Silence Is Enough

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Though these fine folks had been family friends for more than 15 years, We’d never, but in passing. met.

They lived catty-corner from my Grandparents in the small (it is fair to say miniscule) town in which my earthly father had grown up. The same one we returned to for 30+/- years each hot (v-e-r-y) hot summer. Indeed it is well-known their care, friendship & love is the main reason my pioneer spirit Grands were able to keep and live “independently” in their home of 50 years as age, and it’s ever faithful companion Father Time, marched relentlessly on.

I’d not been here since 2010. By choice. The tension. A cold shoulder, or two. The looks. Sometimes one must just say ‘no thanks.’ Enough said.

Back to here. People milling about . A petite silver-haired, purposeful woman came down the few  stairs.  We’d never really met until recently.  I’d heard about The Browns for years. EVERYONE knew TheBrowns. Said in a voice as if they were celebrities 😉 which will give them such a chuckle as they read this. “Good people.” Enough said.

The whirlwind of the past few days kept my mind from focus.” TheBrowns. We’d been emailing back and forth in preparation for this funeral. Family everywhere. What was left. Now boxing up, emptying & carting  off what was left of 50+ years.


“Shandra.” I tried to focus on the lovely, Godly , petite patient  woman before me. “Listen to me”, taking my hand. I’m so happy to finally meet you.” “I’ve been watching you….” Listen to me.” She paused. Making sure she had my undivided attention. “I want you to hear me— “You’re nothing like they’ve said you are.”

“You’re nothing like they claimed.”

Holding back the floodgates of the decades was difficult.

“Thank you.” Enough said.



This post has been in waiting since 2013. Whenever Life decides to question who I am, I recall the statement by a woman I’d never met, but had heard all about…and vice versa.

There are times in life when one must be the voice of reason. The voice of calm.  The voice of boundaries. Not everyone will appreciate it. Only a very few can withstand the push-back, especially when it’s ‘family’. Designed as VIP in our world. They are. In one way or another.

These words I share with you. Offering Hope . There will be times of attack. False  Accusations. Miscommunication. Draw the line,then Take the high road. Speak softly. You”ll be happy you did. Truth always wins.

Today TheBrowns came by. From Texas. Through Nampa, Eugene, The Oregon Coast to The High Desert.

Her words of Wisdom and the prayers of These Saints resound. Truth Wins. Enough said.

Until next time,



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20 Replies to “You’re nothing like they claimed – When Silence Is Enough”

  1. What fun, I came upon your blog this morning from another I had never been too, so happy that I did, and happy to have you Co-Hosting with Oh My Heartsie Girl and to make your acquaintance!!
    Thank you for heartfelt words, seems I needed them!! 🙂
    Have a beautiful week.


  2. Oh, Shandra…
    I am so glad that God met you in that place where He could show you that He shines through you and is your defender and grace. May your life continue to reflect His love to others.


  3. Gosh, how familiar this sounds, the years of being judged by family, of being the scapegoat, I learned later, after much pain and loneliness, it was their pain projected onto me–when Christ came into my life, I was healed, loved, accepted. Many all came back, sorry, apologizing. One found Christ. I’m so happy to hear God sent you Mrs. Brown, a beautiful angel. Visiting from next door from Holly Gerth


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