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The Secret Admirers Club- Lost In The Crowd for Friday FIctioneers

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Every Friday authors from around the world gather here to share their 100-words and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other. This creates a wonderful opportunity for free reading of very fresh fiction! Readers are encouraged to comment as well. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hostessing each week.

100 +- writers, 100+- words, 100+- original stories. Join us.

Here we go :

Genre: realistic Fiction-fantasy

Word Count: 105

FF PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

I once blamed myself.

I must have done something to garner such attention.

At least that’s what I was told, daily.

“You must have done something .” 

Countless. Uninvited. Men.

Anonymous, along with many not so. Each one confessing undying love.


My slender body, long blond hair, TheLight in my eyes.

That was the attraction.  Even as age settles.

Nothing more. I could always tell.

Why I ever thought this would ever be anything else…

Anonymous admiration. Meant to stay that way.

Only I didn’t realize.

Until too late.

Friends tell me I should start a club.

Is it him? or that one?

There he is. Over there.

Or maybe that one…

So weary and cold.

With no escape.


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Go check out some stories. You’ll be happy you did. If you’d like, click on the ‘related’ pieces highlighted at the bottom of the this post. There you’ll find some other FridayFictiooneer stories as well. Happy Reading-Happy Writing. Until we meet again,

Shandra White Harris

6 Replies to “The Secret Admirers Club- Lost In The Crowd for Friday FIctioneers”

    1. Thanks Rochelle. Truer words . Never. First flattering. then aggravating, dismal, stifling , oppressive, intrusive& creepily frightening. “the problem is they don’t know you’re in a prison…or care”


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