The Fun’s Afoot ! with Oh My Heartsie Girls – SO Much NEW!!!

Hello Friends! It’s an exciting time of Life here in my, by choice, very small world. At the moment Its full o frolicking Old High school fun and games,  including another road trip with my “new” honey. He tells me, since I’ve not ‘serious’ datng relationship for 9+ years & it’s been almost 11 months (today) since our first coffee date,  maybe I could stop introducing him a s ” the new guy”? 😉  Time flies!

I’m a staunch supporter of The Good Ole Days-history, common connection, Unity & community- Class of 1977, Represent! Drop in  for a peek into our Multi Class Reunion Tradition next week.. Fair warning, it won’t be the good ole days, just Old. 🙂

About the time of this posting we’ll be perusing the lovely redo of the new high school and on to  an all day, and well into the eve. celebration-meet n greet. Bands, food, fellowship. Something’s change something’s stay the same .

Church time Sunday , finds us worshipping in a sweet little Community Church. Part of the New Life, promotion & adventure when God shows up in the The Eleventh Hour . (I L-O-V-E it when HE shows off. Don’t you?)


Join us right back here Midnight noonish Tuesdays, depending in which time Zone or region of this Lovely Globe you reside. (Just 3+  days!) for Wordless Wednesdays to link up, celebrate and have some fun. Take a look at some of Community @ Oh My Heartsie Girl Thankful to be part of this community as a co-host for August. Heartened by your continued comments & encouragement here, as well. Stop by anytime & show some Love. Until next time, Be blessed & please, above all else, be a Blessing.

& goes w/out saying, dominate Sunday afternoons~~~~

Nap Like A Girl.
Nap Like A Boss

Shandra White Harris



  1. So happy for your happiness, Shandra! God is so good, and His mercies are new every morning. So thankful He is blessing your life. 🙂 You deserve it, girl!! Sending you big hugs. 🙂


  2. Shandra, I believe God also smiles at your happiness, and I am so glad for you that you have a honey to enjoy. Your girl friends are fun and you are all doing a good work to fix up the school. It is always great when God shows up at church or elsewhere and puts on a show! Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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