That was Then This Is Now – The God of Second Chances

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Coincidence? Me thinks not.

Right place. Right Time?

Me thinks so.

Open to try a new relationship? Not so much.

But that was then .

Once upon a time a handsome, Brave man sent a friend request to a certain woman.

fffriend request
Friend request 7/2014

She ignored it. She was clamped tighter than a clam.

And she had a plan. (which may, or may not, have included homesteading  in the Great State of Texas. )

Until curiosity got the better of her.


God said “Go”. I said, “NO” .

But I did, of course, obey. So for coffee, I (gasp away) invited him.

Coffee date 8/21/2014 Looney Bean Bend Oregon

With tightly set parameters and having laid out the ‘rules’

so I (or he) could escape, we met. After nearly 40 years.

Rod and Shandra Portland Oregon 12/2014

We’d parted on (very) wobbly footing all those years ago.

Now? Simply curious.

Imagine my disappointment when he was such a nice guy! 😉 Drats!

← Love Is Free But Trust Is Earned -How to Risk Trusting Someone Again

(come on- you know you hope your ‘ex’ will always be unhappy, bitter and miserable)

My curiosity satisfied. Walking away (after nearly 2 surprising hours of conversation) he asked about a ‘real date’.

I opened my mouth to say “No thanks”. To my true surprise some voice said “Yes, Please.”

gods plan

That was then.

This is now.

Rod and Shandra San Diego Vacation 2015

Today marks the Anniversary of that first Coffee date. (he tells me)   6 ways Evidence of Change

When God gives you a guy who remembers small things like anniversary dates, old times, first songs, first kisses, first prayers?

He might just be worth a #secondglance.

thoughtful & kind. (and kinda cute)
thoughtful & kind. (and kinda cute) Rod @my home Surprise! Date night flowers. 8/21/2015

We spent our date night in a local House Of Prayer. A home alive with The Lord.

Me thinks that is definitely a #secondchance in the making.

7 essentials for building a great relationship →

Drop by in September for more remembrances of that first “Official Date”.

What? Can’t wait another week?

Instagram captures our adventures now days. You’re Welcome. 🙂

Until next time, Shandra Lee White Harris

Sometimes sharing with these fine folks:  The Social Scene


  1. So glad you took that risk.. remember what I said about “red flags”? So heartwarming to see you both so happy. I enjoy reading your writings my friend. Truly talented you are. Love you.
    … so until September !!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I do indeed remember what you said Dear Friend. What we talk about you and I, Heart to Heart. Those ‘little’ red flags of mistakes, can become green Lights of messages, when 2 people are willing to show up. So Happy for us All.Esp. Friends who speak Truth. 🙂 See you Soon.


  2. Karen, you have such encouraging words. When you stop by I always have a bigger smile. Today you’ve added a song 🎶🎶 to my 💞. Bless you my Friend.


  3. How wonderful to read your God-story of love and second chances. God creates and recreates beautiful hearts and happenings. Stopped by from Hazel’s Tell Me a True Story.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I do believe in second chances and also in God ordained happenings. I love Rod’s smile and he is a jewel sent to you. Thanks for sharing your awesome story of God working things out for good, with us here at Tell me a Story.

    Liked by 1 person

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