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#Disclaimer! A Total Tantrum Triggered By The Amoral Folks @Ashley Madison

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One day a very little girl went to school. Over night, everything had changed. And no one would-could tell her why.  One day Bibles, School prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were {poof} GONE!

When the Court Took on Prayer and the Bible in Public ..

Say what you may (I know you will)…one of the beauties of this Great Land is freedom. I grew up in the 50’s with June Cleaver on TV (not in my home) and escaping to foreign lands, with Walt Disney on Sunday nights.

-SchoolPrayer @Waggoner
-SchoolPrayer @Waggoner

My future grandchildren will grow up with Jazz/ Cait, Mistresses, Devious maids, Naked Dating, WAGS, and 50Shades of STUPID as ‘the norm’.

When did reason, balance and a moral compass become so uncool? WHY is cheating celebrated? When did monogamy become so UNsexy?.

I sat in my car today and cried. I cried when I heard of this Ashley Madison® – Married Dating & Discreet encounters – for the first time. Ever. (EVEN Yahoo & Google have the common sense to caution against this, a oot point really.)

And with it came an interview celebrating the first site in the 198-‘s . She said any woman who was offended by her man-husband going elsewhere wasn’t enlightened. Should be HAPPY he was dallying discretely.

YOU ask where I’ve been? Happy to say,  I choose to live in a different world.*** 

I’m really tired of this. repeat








Unfaithfulness- for the record, is watching, viewing, participating, thinking on, flirting, cheating. discreetly or otherwise.

cheating is
If you’re deleting search history why bother with  your partner. Be the better or Walk away now. #selfish

God’s plan is One man one woman. Monogamous relationships are sexy, satisfying  fulfilling, challenging, rewarding & forever when you do it God’s way.

Ladies & Gents, why are you putting everything out there for a guy-gal  you wouldn’t spend the rest of your Life with??? or who hasn’t truly committed to spend the rest of his-her  Life with you?

You have freedom to chose but you’ll not be free from the consequences.~~~

I’ve just finished this book again:

52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives

If you expect a relationship to be fulfilling take some pointers.

For Women Only

*God has a plan . If YOU can’t be satisfied monogamous; if you feel you need the primal excitement of numerous partners. then do us all a favor-DO NOT commit yourself to one person.  Grow UP. Admit to yourself you can’t be satisfied, committed. I guarantee you. YOU  will lose because of the emptiness of these illicit relationships. For that I’m truly sorry, for yo and yours.

But hey who am I ? Just a silly little monogamous sexy sensual confident one man Woman.

*If you would put as much time and energy into your RELATIONSHIP as you do into planning your cheating, imagine what your marriage could be? But hey who am I? I guess the old “what she doesn’t know wont hurt her’ system will win? Think again.  Ashley Madison hack list: How to check if your partner’s .. and of course what to say if your spouse finds your . excuses, excuses.

My sister.. Don’t settle for half-a-man Tony Gaskins

Why Do Women Cheat?

*One of my favorite shows on TV is was  House of Cards and Scandal..the intrigue, manipulation and treachery depicted now fuels a righteous slow burn within me (but that’s another rant) regarding politics. The marriage between the Star WIVES & the Beloved is a prime example of what Hollywood says Marriage is about -BORING. NON-SENSUAL. Simple Dynasty building. Well who would want to be part of that? Only the illicit affair can be exciting, sexy and fulfilling? Says WHO???

*When our Nation took prayer out of school, when Nations and World embraced sexual use of children, XXX rated prime time shows and smut movies as ‘the norm’, what do we expect?

Well. Glad you asked.

I EXPECT a true monogamous relationship. Forsaking all others means FORSAKING ALL OTHERS-real, digital, tv, images, online email, chat rooms…. If you have to ask for further clarity, move on.

I expect wholesome thinking, peaceful living, monogamous lifestyle & thoughts. Sound impossible? Of course it is. ****


What is wrong that men wander? For the longest time I thought it was something about me.

In a way -IT Was! Boundaries, morals & values are difficult for those who have none of their own.

Until you really get that you’ll allow any old person to attach in some way or another.

Just sayin’.

If you’re still with me here check these out:

52 Things Wives Need from Their Husbands

For Men Only

Why Christianity Matters

For the record- I have NEVER cheated . NEVER had a one nighter. Never will. &  will NOT tolerate it in others. The bright point here is that there are NO secrets. GOD WILL win. You’re secrets will be made known. ?  Don’t Gloat Over Ashley Madison Outings– Christianity Today

 WHAT IS THE POINT ?????  Emotional Trauma Associated With Sexual promiscuity. <— You’d prefer this because you’ve never allowed yourself to experience true love. 

This  is not at any one person. Not prompted by any one person, but from a heart broken for the struggles this World claims we should be in. The DRAMA and chaos you’re sold as truth, light and lies packaged as Life.

I purpose in my heart & head to please God & please MY Beloved, if there ever is one.  My beloved is mine and I am his; he …Song of Songs.

 I will do nothing to give my beloved reason to question or wonder his value in my heart or Life.

Can you say the same? That gal who tosses her big chest in your face because she needs the attention… or perhaps YOU need the attention… Is it worth it? The “secret admirer guy ” who never really  mans up? Really?

Think. think. think. Once you’re in that dark web of lies. All is lost.


The Devastating Consequences of Infidelity

5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son

Conversation with Women

If you have a loved one who’s hesitant, cautious or needs space. ponder the above cultural ‘norms’ and ask your self why? Where do you choose to place yourself. Earthly Life IS short but REALife Is Eternal. Don’t Have an Affair.

Next up-when the tears stop- a kinder, more gentler post- maybe.

 It’s been a really rough week. Don’t judge me.

Wholesome, (often) Wordy, highly Intelligent, Faith filled & need-for-Bail money free.

No Condemnation here & No Apologies. Shandra 8/20/2015

2 Replies to “#Disclaimer! A Total Tantrum Triggered By The Amoral Folks @Ashley Madison”

  1. Shandra, I love & respect your rant. I agree with much of your writing. Although I am imperfect myself, I am sad for the frailty of humanity, for our loneliness on this crowded planet, for our misguidedness and ever seeking elsewhere quest for “happiness”. I include myself and worry for the future, our children & all of the immoral exposure they are growing up with now. What are we teaching them? Where is the balance??

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