Not Alone

Two are Better...
Two are Better…

The tea pot whistles. It’s steamy head, breaking the silence, my only visible Companion.

Life is predictable, safe, routine. Spontaneous, adventurous, creative, free. To do, say, be who & what I wish.


On the heels of this realization comes fresh Revelation. I’ve always had this freedom. Embraced it. Lived it fully.

It’s what attracts me to kindreds & is attractive, in return.

What if . Just what if, this new Season is just that?


To do, say, be who & what I wish, with another?

Not Alone. But known.

Freedom together. Who knew.


Shandra White Harris 8/27/2015

How do you know you're Not Alone?
How do you know?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Alone Join us)

sometimes also communing here: The Social Scene


  1. Shandra, Im your neighbor at Five Minute Friday. Yes, indeed you have had that freedom the whole time! May I invite you to share at #DanceWithJesus linkup today? Your words would bless others there. Susan

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