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It kills me that someone’s been knocking at your door,
The far-fetched illusions don’t matter to me any more,
To turn around you think they’re always standing there.
Don’t be disappointed if you can’t live in the mould,
The blood that flows through your veins is hardly cold,
Make up your mind if you’ve inherited what the devil said.
In every somersault your head will turn around
Until you land on your feet, the bystander left amazed, “Just how?”
Well we’ve never paid much attention to the finer details
You think everyone in your rat race fights the duel,
Even the most foolish donkey can be mistaken for a mule,
You’ve made a mark for yourself but in comparison it pales
Yes, I know times have been tough, the weather was rough,
Every single minute disinterested, yet you played the bluff
On the ones that you think that you loved and cared
Please don’t justify that what you did was right,
Even mercy cannot be pleaded, for your sins you’ve been tried,
To douse the flaming fire that you have flared.

John Doe Blues Society




What Voices are you listening to?

It’s been quite a week (or two) around here.

Stop back Saturday later for a Six Nine Word Story.

I’ll tell you about the recent mistake I made….

Heeding  the very, very wrong Voice(s).

How we overcame that error…to land on our feet once again….

And how you can, too.

SLWH #ButGod


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