Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Off to enjoy this lovely weekend as many of you are, refreshing with friends, family & my Beloved.

Refreshing Oregon Sweet Oregon
Refreshing Oregon Sweet Oregon

If you’d like to follow along –>> click the social button of your choice in the side bar- twitter instagram & such (or @the bottom of this post) We’ll share the photos with you. But, alas, certainly not the s’mores.

Just saying!


Where ever you may be Friends & Followers, may THE Lord richly Bless you.

Psalm 121:8

Shandra see ya next week!

ESPN College Football (@espncfb) • Instagram photos

Ducks and Beavers UNITED
Ducks and Beavers houses UNITED.

and maybe justa wee bit o’ College Football!

sometimes we play here too:  The Social Scene

6 Replies to “Vacation Response – VICTORY!”

  1. Obviously you had a pile of stuff in Oregon. I’ve been in and out since I was a kid living around and about and then driving around a variety of places in the past 20 years or so when going to see sisters, other family members, and friends when I was born in Portland, raised in that whole section along Tacoma and then around the Columbia River area. You just made me smile! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Joanne, Oregon is a lovely place. All with in a 3-5 hours drive one moves from the Pacific Ocean, lush valleys, Cascade Mountain Range, High Desert regions and back! My family moved here when I was a wee one about 7 (and one half 🙂 ) years, my brother a tender twosie. I’ve looked many many times at other states and continents to live and play, always at God’s prompting, then return, again always at God’s prompting.At 56 (and one half 🙂 ) it’s for such a time as this. Bless you this week and beyond, Joanne.


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