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6 Replies to “#Sunday ”

  1. Yes, we should rely upon the Lord on Sunday if at all possible. In our present-day world so many are working or mixed with piles of people. I worship and pray and worship more and more every day. Our Heavenly Father is all we can deal with. Even when I was a kid, my parents were at bars nearly every Friday and Saturday AND a huge blessing for me…since I was a young babysitter of my sisters…Sunday had no bars open for years. So I could rest on Sunday and didn’t have to deal with the other stuff. NOW bars, etc., are open at all the time. So more people have gone to those places, too. And many of the other restaurants or shops or anything were closed on Sunday. Much has changed. Worshiping the Lord is all that most of us can ever do now. Sorry to talk so long, but it sure changed my life! I’m 70 now and this didn’t happen mostly until I was in my mid-20s. As I’ve said, “Life has changed.” Serving the Lord is all we can ever do. Bless you.

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    1. 50 Years of Faithful service. Thanks for the reminder – once people did have a purposeful Sabbath. A dedicated day of rest or at least moments of mindful slowing the pace, fun, games, restoring. (Not so much anymore in this instant escape world.) One of those mindful ‘moments’ last Sunday was the monthly church potluck. Old fashioned, slow paced, sit a spell, share a story – or two-a laugh, a fishing tail tale. Well you get the idea. Be Blessed, Joanne.


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