#Lovelanguages – My tank runneth over

Everybody knows at least one. Someone who is always there when a need arises?

Often these are the very folks at high risk of becoming run down or drained. Giving without much return ( part of being in “Service/Helping professions”). Dr Gary Chapman describes it in his books, ” an empty emotional love tank.  Those are the times as a happy, successful single I get away on my own. Delicious to lay around the beach or poolside, or see the sites,for a few recharging days- with room service a dial away  Trust me! It is.

Then Surprise! This man keeps showing up. 😉

a Surprise Mothers Day weekend away and #puthtetopdown romantic sunset ride.
a Surprise Mothers Day 2015 weekend away and #puthtetopdown romantic sunset ride.
For a year this guy has shown up, in every way, no matter what. Push back, little time, lack of interest, running away, too much interest, blatant curiosity. No matter what I’ve thrown at him (and it’s been plenty!) during this emotional (for me) roller coaster called dating, falling in Love & Hashtag #afteroureuphoriarunsout. He’s met me with kindness, tenderness, and Love. Total Acceptance. Never any judgement.

In the process we’ve learned some things :

*people can change.

*we’re good for each other because we seek the best in and for each other.

*Love IS patient.

On a recent date night, I’d come prepared to serve him, for a change. I’ve been taking note of his Love Languages. I’m joyfully ready, willing and able to find ways to fill his love tank (hot fudge sundae anyone? 😉 )

We love to laugh, so when The Proposal came on we settled in.

(Ohmygosh!!! that moment you realize YOU are that character and everyone else has known it all along!!!!!????) Sandra Bullock has run away (again). Her beloved (with his family’s full support!!!)) has chased her down to NY for a face off . He puts his foot down (finally) that moment she declares she’s fine, she likes her life, she’s happy! *Yikes*. (I’d been fine. I’d been happy. Single hood truly does have so many perks when you’re comfortable.) She whispered to him ” I’m scared ” the same exact words I’d spoken over and over (sans admitting fear in the face of Love).

I’M FINE…..meaning “I’ve been on my own forever, single 10 years and I’m comfortable with my trajectory, thank you very much”.

Write Love on Her Arms
To Write Love on Her Arms
My beloved smiled, as I, open-mouthed, red-faced turned to him and said “that’s me. ” 🙂 Without skipping a beat he chuckled, “I was just going to say the same thing.” *Double Yikes*

Habitual giving, always filling others, getting things done- it never seems possible there’d really be some one who responds & complements so meaningfully over the top. I couldn’t really imagine. #ButGod

More Wins:

*he kept showing up, loving me the best ways he knew how. some days it’s all we can do & it’s more than enough.

*when things reached “crises” mode, we each have firmly put our foot down, making our requests. Because it’s loving, reasonable and true, we can  agree.

*because he’s made such huge Love deposits in our relationship for an entire year, often with minimal promise of Hope, not only has #TheNewManRightInFrontofMe made up for deficit withdrawals from ‘Life’ (for both of us), his determination to “Love me the best ways he knows how”, has filled me to bubbly overflowing; handy man, honeydos ( acts of service)  date nights, long walk and talks, weekend trips & conversation (quality time), cards , flowers, bling (gifts), constant words of encouragement & Hope (Affirmation) & always hand holding, hugs, a shoulder squeeze (Physical Touch).


His quiet, gentle determination IS strength.
He’s covered just about all of it.  Now it’s my turn. We’ve come to the dance at the same time.


YOU’RE TURN! We’d love to hear your own Moments of Realization. Love Stories, Love Languages and all the wonders to get there.What happens when the ‘In Love’ wears off and real Life begins?

So #whatsyourstory ?

Until next time~ Shandra, Shining Once Again~


You can find more about US here :  In Kingdom Economy, There’s No Such ThingVulnerability Makes Me Break Out That was Then This Is Now – The God of Second Chances  withplenty more to come! Stop in Friday for an update. 

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not any more!


  1. I devour the Love Languages. I believe in the concept and work hard at filling up the love tanks in my family. We tend to give our own love language away sometimes but when we really understand how the other person is wired, we give a more loving gift, I think. We’re not all the same that’s for sure.

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  2. What I do each morning (time we meet for the day) I say, “Good morning my darling.” Each night to end the day, I say to God, “Thank you Lord for this man you have given to me.” Cherish the time you have together, and do NOT be afraid of the Gift God has given you. Allow your heart to receive and keep this new love. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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    • Thank you so much Hazel for your Wisdom and Truth. 🙂 SO many folks have said similar words about NOT fearing. Stepping into the Collective Wisdom & embracing him and HIM. I believe thats why you and Robert have married for 60+ years.


  3. What a sweet story. You’re lucky to have such a sweet and understanding man in your life. Thanks for hosting Small Victories Sunday linkup with us, happy to have you on board. Pinning your post to our linkup board.

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  4. Great post! Pinned and tweeted. We truly appreciate you taking the time to be a part of our party. Please stop by and party with us again. The party starts Monday at 7 pm and ends on Friday at 7 pm. Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

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