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Contrails Call or On The Road Again !

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Happy Friday!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week with plenty of joy, Worshiping The Lord, happiness and football planned this weekend. How ’bout those  Beavers??!!

My Beloved and I are tooling around the Deep South this week where the high is 93F, low is 65F. At my age, running from one air-conditioned area to the next while seeing the sites, enjoying Lakeside Living with some fine folks.

My Beloved and Me. We Laugh.A Lot
My Beloved and Me. We Laugh. A Lot (he’s a Beaver by the way. can we say #HIGHHOPES ?

Be blessed, be a blessing! See you next week 🙂

Shandra (And Rodney)

2 Replies to “Contrails Call or On The Road Again !”

  1. And when I’ve been living in our going through Oregon, Washington, etc., for many years, that football issue is always on our eyes and our attention. Made me smile again! And winked at you. In Omaha area our college football is famous around our nation, too. The Nebraska Cornhuskers. Oh, well, I rarely go to any of those, but my kids and grandkids do. You made me smile.

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