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The Doctor Will See You Now or The Alcoholics Daughter for Friday Fictioneers

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It’s Time! 1 photo prompt, 100+-  words, 100+- writers, 100+- stories. Check it out at  Friday Fictioneers.


 Feedback is Welcome & your stopping by is appreciated. My contribution is below this week’s photo prompt. Enjoy all the stories in this weeks prompt by clicking here:

The following photo is the PHOTO PROMPT.  Does it download a story to your head. Tell us in a hundred words or less–beginning, middle and and end.  Be warned! You never know what stories might bubble up. #WhatsYourStory

Mouse on the Prowl

PHOTO PROMPT – © Marie Gail Stratford


GENRE: Realistic Fiction


The Elephant in the Room

“We’re not equipped.” Turned away as a case ‘too severe’.

Equipped?! for a few days? She’d been dealing with this for d-e-c-a-d-e-s. High tech to low tech. All said no. In a moment of inspiration spotting Hospital Drive. Her passengers, without time to think, were met by  Emergency Room staff.

The listless couple, further confused, the Admittance Nurse typing information.

I faced the Doctor. “Do you know the danger in transporting at this stage?”

Are you kidding me?! Simply “Yes”. “I’m not sure they understand what’s going to happen next.”

“I’m certain of it”, I said. “Sign here” I did.


Unfortunately, one can’t save Time in a bottle . People don’t ‘wait’. No secret messages here. Cats In The Cradle. If you have a family of young or old. People you care for, may I be your compass this day? Spend quality time with them NOW. ‘One Day’ it WILL be too late. It’s a long way down.

All rights reserved. Shandra White Harris (for other FF100word stories click on the “related” below this post)

8 Replies to “The Doctor Will See You Now or The Alcoholics Daughter for Friday Fictioneers”

    1. Ah…..yes Alice, sometimes this one never knows quite where the fiction road will lead. Good deduction by the way. Stay tuned for the sequel : “the relatives rise up and the daughter revolts” 😉


    1. SO sorry for the confusion! and thanks for the opportunity to clarify. The driver IS the Alcoholics daughter. the couple ARE the alcoholics themselves restrained in hospital for DT’s (withdrawals, emaciation, hallucinations) perhaps a different picture as well?. Clearly the account needs to be retooled-it was originally 156 words 😉 -(The good news is the couple made a nearly full recovery!) thanks for the critiq!!! Much appreciated.


      1. It’s not your fault, but mine for careless reading. I was wondering about ‘alcoholics’… musing if there was an apostrophe missing or if I missed something else, but since English is not my native tongue, I refrain from discussing possible spelling and grammar errors. It just didn’t click for me that both parents are alcoholics (without apostrophe). Now it makes perfect sense, thank you.


  1. I must admit I was confused too until I read your explanation to GAH. My brother had a co-worker who was admitted to the hospital for DT. He hallucinated terribly. “Snakes in his boots” is a phrase we use in the South for someone suffering that condition.

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