What’s Your Story? Finding Your Voice

I first met JoAnne, in person at a Christian Women’s Event in North Carolina. a few weeks later I was surprised, pleased and eventually exceedingly thankful for an invitation to be part of the preview-promoter group, pre-launch team. If you’re interested in some of the writings on this blog and others, related to Finding One’s Voice, click the related links under this post. Drop over to see Joanne. Buy her book for yourself, a friend, daughter or sister. Be blessed~ slwh
“Hey friends,
You know how I often share things with you that I believe in, things that have either changed my life or at the very least had a positive impact on me? Because when a girl runs across something fabulous, she can’t help but share right?
Today is fun because one of those things I’m sharing is my own. Yep, the e-version of my award-winning, Amazon best-selling book {When A Woman Finds Her Voice} is on sale for over 90 percent off! ( http://amzn.to/1FSJzOl )
This excites me because I have always wanted to be able to just gift you my book.
I’ve long wanted to be able reach out and hug you in real life, reminding you that you will get through these crazy days you’re walking. On the good days, I want to celebrate with you, and on the hard days, well, I just want to knit hearts with you and remind you that no, it might not always be easy and it may even get a little messy at times, but you will be okay. Better than okay.

So I hope you’ll understand why I have to share this. While the publishers won’t yet let me give the book for free, we’re pretty close at less than $1 for the e-book version!

When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference has won awards and has topped several of Amazon’s best-seller lists. But more than that, much more than that, it’s connected me on a heart level with thousands of you–my new friends who have such beautiful and powerful stories to tell! Because your story really does matter.

So if your heart is hungry for some fresh encouragement from a friend who has been there {oh yes I have!}, head over and grab this.

And something cool –you don’t have to actually have an e-reader because there are free reading apps available for all your devices.

If you already have a copy, maybe consider gifting a copy to a friend in need of encouragement. Amazon has a place to click “Give as Gift,” and then you can actually schedule when you want the book delivered. {Who knew that was a thing?!}

And I don’t want to overwhelm fall with this crazy notion, but you know, Christmas isn’t THAT far away. So you could easily schedule a drop for say like five or ten of your friends maybe and have it delivered for less than the price of just ONE book! Or maybe get ready for your next group study, even. There’s all sorts of options at this price.

This probably won’t happen again. So yea, go ahead and Click here to read more.

Until I see you in person, consider yourself hugged!

Jo Ann”


  1. Hello,

    My name is David Ramos. I am searching for reviewers who might be interested in reading a Christian devotional based on the life of Abraham and came across your blog because you have a similar approach to studying Scripture.

    I’d love to answer any questions you have whether about the book or me.

    In the mean time, here is the Amazon page for the book in case you want to see what it looks like and read the short description: http://amzn.com/B014VHOTMW

    As far as learning about the author, you can take a quick look at my about page: http://www.ramosauthor.com/about

    If you’re not interested, or just a have a huge stack of books you’re working through right now, no problem, just ignore this email 🙂 But if you are interested please reply back and I will be happy to send you a copy!

    Thank you again. I look forward to hearing back from you. Enjoy your week!


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    • David, thank you for your kind invitation. After you stopped by I hopped over to your blog. read -liked a few posts & skimmed some more. I’d very much like a copy as well as being interested in being part of your review team.

      I’m now following you on WordPress. Blessings indeed, Shandra

      For anyone interested the Kindle version of ‘Climbing with Abraham: 30 Devotionals to Help You Grow Your Faith, Build Your Life, and Discover God’s Calling’ Kindle Edition, by David Ramos’ is Free. A VERY good WORD.

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