What if? #YouCanDoIt p1

At the end of school 14-15 this woman was in excruciating pain. With a high threshold and resiliency, when I say ‘excruciating’, trust me.

It was.

Pausing in May, 2015 long enough to acknowledge the continued dull throb.

Sit with.

Assure it, it’s served it’s purpose.

Then. let . it. go.


I’ve been an avid runner all my Life. No more. *Doctor’s orders.

My family and I had some communication snafus, as everyone journeys to maturity. *Cleared up.

Back to the spine specialist I went. The short of it? Two months of physical therapy,  10 months of dating a loving, supportive man, has me feeling pretty revived.

Grief is heavy. Loss lingers.  Life goes on.  

And through it all God is always there.

I Will Never Leave nor Forsake You 

Clearing out and selling  family homes, by choice, loss of  parents or siblings, & moves are indelible milestones.

Empty nests are a sweet opportunity or heartache. Depending on how they’re emptied.

Emotions linger for us all.


& Time marches on.

With redirection of goals, hopes and dreams. I was off to explore adventure in The South. #ButGod had a better plan. My Beloved just moved back from Life in the South.  How about we both rebuild lives in beautiful Oregon?





One by one the MAJOR Life Transitions happen. Guaranteed.

Even when they’re for the good, emotions,  pressure & stress run high.

The Eagle has Landed photo copyright @shandra__lee
The Eagle has Landed Redmond airport. Tori, Michael, Nanny Levon-Grandmother to my sons & Mother to me, Author Shandra. photo copyright @shandra__lee  10/2014

At times, rather than giving Rod the opportunity to hear my wonderings or doubts (because certainly he’s going to poo poo them or stonewall, or deflect) I’ve delivered the message in a way that gives us both an out. Or needed space.  At every turn I’ve heard TheLord.

#TrustMe #YouCanDoIt

Proverbs 3:5

Trust and Obey. You’ve got this!

Beloved Rod, Author Shandra. They laugh a lot.  September 2015 photocopyrights @shandra__lee


Some well meaning folks suggest: I fear failure AND success.

hmmmm.To that I respond:

  Could it be:

In the Old Days men understood  proving their value as a partner. Women expected to be wooed. 

I’ve seen too many of today’s men run at commitment. Shirk manning up. Don’t have time or patience to care for relationships…God’s way.

Few men I’ve dated in my 10 years as a Successful Solo have had the stamina to step up. preferring I step up. if I’d been willing. 

I expect to be wooed & cared for. Cherished. Adored.

Can you prove you know the value of This Woman?

What if it’s NOT really fear at all. 

What if it’s Confidence. Confidence in knowing I can take care of & support myself?

Confidence to know that God’s Plan is a Real Man who recognizes, wants & will take care of me & allow me to reciprocate. Woo, care for, cherish & adore him.

 I’m willing to wait or go it Solo because I’m Confident that I know who I Am and whose I am.

What if?

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous.

Trusting you’ll return for  Part 2. #WhatIf #YouCanDoIt!

It always gets darkest just before the Breakthrough!

Insights for the naysayers, fearful and the cheer leaders!

How about you? What Changes are you making this Season for building confidence?

Overflowing Joy, Hope and Happiness? We’d really love to hear!

Until then, Shandra

written July, 2015


“When was the last time you said something nice to yourself?” THAT one got to me…because I honestly couldn’t answer it. Do you have that problem from time to time? Stop being so hard on yourself, and be encouraged (and a bit challenged, maybe) by Sarah’s post here. Stop Apologizing for Just Being You!

Often I hop along with these fine folks: The Social Scene


  1. There is a time for letting go – – and a time for holding on. God directs and we let go, then we turn in the other direction and face our future and hold on. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Shandra,

    Good morning! I came over on SHINE to find your post today. I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to visit your website. I like it!

    And, I’m really sorry to hear about the end of running for you! I’ve had to slow down lately due to some health issues as well. It’s hard.

    But, I am looking for God to speak to me and teach me during the down time. It does seem like He allows me to be sidelined form activity sometimes so He can speak.

    Appreciate your encouragement today~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Melanie,
      I so appreciate your compassion and empathy. It is indeed the end of one era and beginning of another. Sadly, the body of this nearly 60 year old can’t rebound as she once could. I’ve turned a definite corner into this season of Life.

      On the look out for new ways to be in health.

      Thank you so much for stopping by.You are always welcome!


  3. I’m thankful God is with us through the hard times and through those painful life transitions. I have to just surrender everything to Him. We have been through dealing with the loss of parents and having to dispose of their stuff and houses, which is so much work, now we are the older generation and don’t want to burden our children in the same way but it is a slippery slope. I’ve also had some favorite activities I had to give up this year, I feel your pain, but I take the steps downward as a prelude to being in my heavenly home and that actually makes me feel excited.


    • Hannah,
      So agree with you !
      God IS the great Keeper of our hearts. He longs for us to surrender, wait or return to Him. You say it so well, it IS indeed a slippery slope. I’m commiserating with you about having to curtail or give up activities. Perhaps it is the Season of heading toward home.
      Thank you for stopping by today or any day!


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