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Easy Steps to Ruining Your Relationship ! Expert Advice Just in time for the Holidays

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Oh Holidays! With so much potential!

Potential for increasing stress, striving for perfectionism, striving for perfect gifts, spending what you don’t have,  road rage & shopping frenzy, errr-umm, I mean Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward All.

Here are a few reminders to keep things real(er) from Funny Man and “Ultra Spiritual” tongue-in-cheek JP (along with his lovely Beloved); Relationship 101.

Do you have any favorites? Not that you see yourself here, (& CERTAINLY not that I’ve never behaved this way) but just say, if you were to make a change, what might it be?
Spoiler ALERT & Fair Warning: do NOT show this to your Beloved to help them change, ok? They’ll not pick up the errors in their ways, but will see all YOUR flaws, tootsweet!

Happiest Holidays to you!
You’re Welcome!


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