Out with the Old!

Friends, Followers &  others.

What a journey.

What I’ve learned is much more than I ever dreamed (or honestly, at times, wished to.)

Blogging, though has served it’s purpose.

My bday gift to Rod- Blazer game! NBA PDX 2016

This old stuff. Week after week.

As with all thing, it’s time has come.

This blog, this site will be no more.

Six years. It’s all become

Tired, worn, repetitious & tedious! Life is out there. Not here.


Perhaps a new one in the future. New stories, new encouragements.


But NOW-


Out with the old ways.

On with the new!

One of our latest adventures. Sir Paul and his One on One Tour. Portland, Oregon April, 2016.
Rod’s bday gift to me. Sir Paul and his One on One Tour. Portland, Oregon April, 2016.

Rod and Shandra, wishing you well.

Fun in the NEW. <<—click here for our video.


Feel free to browse – there’s a lotta words,  in these here pages!

Follow our journey on social media, or don’t.

But NOW, my own Sir & I, must go! Into blessed, peaceful obscurity.

The fun #newstory is afoot.


  1. to pseudo”Anonymous” : as usual you’re the one follower- with your ‘anonymous messages’ you still completely miss the point of what has become tedious after all these years. You hurled your accusation far and wide. And Denied to this day. Ok. Your choice. GOD has told you to go. I’ve told you to go. Yet here you show up still. Encouraging? Not even. You heap the garment of shame and irritation. it’s not lack of motivation, or anything you’d understand, that brings me to delete this blog. I want you out and away from me. THE END.


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