The Sounds of Music

Fingers poised, breath bated. The evening of dreams.

Music flowed in their veins.

From a long line of Masters she’d come. Fears had risen that she were the last.

Curtain swayed softly, parting gently.

The audience in unison hushed. Expectant in their dazzled finery.

He turned. Bowed. Turned again. Arms lifted, her progenies broke into stride.

Guiding the music, writing it as he orchestrated. A Master in majestic form.

How could she have ever doubted? The sounds of music. Grace. Wins. Every. Time.

True to form, the audience now on it’s feet with silent cheers to the sound of music.


101 Words

Perhaps you’ll join us over at at our hostess-Rochelle’s blog. Friday Fictioneers November 2016. What’s your take on the picture prompt below? Love to hear!

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudeberg

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg


  1. The suggestion of symmetry came to my mind, Sandra. I think the interconnection between the musicians made me feel their unity, too. I sensed a metaphor for the community of man. . . I may be heading towards bed, so my dreamlike state of mind is sounding a little “lofty.”
    It is funny, I was on my about page and read your long ago comment again. I have followed you since 2013, but not sure if I have commented much. . . here’s to new or fresh starts! Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Robin, so great to have you stop by! Always a treat. Like minds!! 🙂
      Thanks so much for you insights. You are right on a little literal literary personal celebration with a great big lofty metaphor thrown in.

      To you and yours a lovely new Season as well.


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