How To Ruin a perfectly Good (First) Impression-Out of that Comfort Zone

Recently I was. Way, way out. (refer back to title for details)

It wasn’t planned. Actually, just the opposite.

Confidence in the next Season.

Over flowing. Confidence.

I’ve done my job, and the dozens listed in the job posting, for literally years.

All across the State.


I love my current job.

So with great forethought

I’d dusted off the resume and re-dusted, then dusted again.

Excellent letters of recommendations and solid, quality references.

But then.

Walking into that room of seven smiling faces, nerves colliding-moving south, settling eventually.


Pinballing their way back up to my brain.


Sudden reality check.

No bluffing, Where’s a time machine when you need one?

In the very famous and oh so appropriate words- Oy, vey.

Just as suddenly, a professional lifetime of protocols, policies, (best) practices, budget scenarios and people skills –gone.


Could be so many things I could point to;  Hectic travel schedule. End of the school year. Family hospitalizations. Family deaths. End of Intern year? aka Running on (nearly) empty?


 Insert Whisper here;  better self prep?

(I mean I’ve only been 17 years at my present position)

With (only partial) tongue in cheek, read on to the next post when we discuss exactly ‘Who thought this would be a good idea?’ or ‘how not to to be one how looks good only on paper’

^^^^Luckily she kept her day job


Until then check out some resources, including the first 8 Ways to Shine, (spoiler alert! I?, not so much. Shine that is.) featured image. #9 and #10 next up!

How about you? What tips, triumphs or tragedies will you share with us? There someone waiting for your story. Guaranteed.

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  1. I think job hunting is one of most dreaded tasks. Worse than cleaning a toilet with a toothbrush or speaking in front of a crowd in my underwear, which would not be making a good impression. Thanks for the smile today.


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