How To Ruin a Perfectly Good (First) Impression-Going Out On A Limb-Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea, Anyway?


You returned?

I know.

Couldn’t look away?

It’s totally natural.

Train wrecks have that effect.

 Ways to shine #9; Be succinct in writing & in person.

In case you’re new around here, we left our Heroine right about here;

 How To Ruin a perfectly Good (First) Impression-Out of that Comfort Zone

Go ahead.

Take a peek.

We’ll wait.

Ouch. Right?

For those of you asking-

Yes. I do appreciate my current job-employer.

No. I have not been let go. (have I ?) 🙂

Yes. I’m seeking promotion to apply the vast body of knowledge collected over the years at a new level..& two years of new studies…. But Dancing with the Stars didn’t called, either! 😦

Yes. I did say I was hoping ‘at least an interview experience’. Now I know-hope bigger. 🙂

Collecting a new resume (which may, or may not, have been 21st Century, it turns out).

Collecting references from colleagues- who definitely are.

Apply for a Supervisory position in my nearly life long state, Oregon,

With support and encouragement from so many, she did.

Press submit.  It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

As it usually does, just before you realize you may be out on a limb.

Turn back or keep going?

I may, or may not, have perfected these 10 myself. ^^^

Learn from my lessons.


Knowing a job forward & backwards, most people in my field in said State and ensuing protocols, best practices along with first hand experiences of scenarios galore, I was confident I’d nail it.

As a ‘mature’ applicant I needed to be spot on.

Alas, it was not my shiniest moment. 

I’m completely confident in my ability as a Supervisor-Leader.

Also, Alas, First Impressions.

What I didn’t do?

Glad you asked.


Number Eight. It may come as a surprise, that during an interview people want to hear about you.


What do you offer the team? Why should we promote you to this position (and pay you accordingly)?


Nerves ping-ponged.  Not a well rehearsed pitch.

Stammering one’s way through a wealth of knowledge and vast experiences?…rather sounding a distinct lack thereof!

dulsl-ville, Baby.

Behind the scenes is a big part of the work.

Just do it!-figure it out, get it done, ahead of schedule, under cost.

Too late it dawned, the ensuing collision of humility and self selling. 

Shall I continue?

Ok, remember. You asked.

Number Nine. Fatigue may, or may not, have induced a wee tendency to ramble.

Who thought it would be a good stay up late writing reports, rise early to be in schools, then drive  3.5 hours to interview?

A typical day.

seemed like a good idea…at the time.

(no droning autobiographies wanted!) be rested.

Bringing us to how to ruin a perfectly good first impression Number Ten…..

when you find yourself out on a limb, so to speak, don’t cut it off.

(Which may, or may not, have inadvertently occurred.)

Lesson 10 ; Ways (not) to Shine.


We’d love to hear your own story. Nailed it, or Not so much, someone needs to hear your story. Guaranteed.

Hope to see you back here Saturday. No tongue in cheek.

Gratefully, Shandra 


 At times my missteps, mishaps and misdeeds, I mean, shenanigans share some space on the good ole’ world wide web, right about here; THE SOCIAL SCENE

Yes, self-effacing humor is my style. Why are you surprised? 🙂

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