Finale-How To rUIN-oh, you know-Sis Boom Bah

If you’re one who finds transparency uncomfortable, just turn away.


If you’d like to catch up -I’ll wait.

How To Ruin a Perfectly Good (First) Impression-P 1

How To Ruin a perfectly Good (First) Impression-Out of that Comfort ZoneP2

Thanks to all of you who did pitch so well, on my behalf. I’m happy I gave it a shot, even though I’ll never show my face west of the Mountains again . 🙂

Very important.

Key point.


there are No mind readers. In life or interviews.

 Your reputation is spotless, credentials are excellent, you’ve been invited. Asked to share about yourself. Sell it.

*Bring your paper trail to Life.

This is your one shot.

*At the end of the day it comes down to ‘will you be able to make the (tough) decisions required?’ or keep up with so many hats?,  because someone must.

(yes, you can do it? then say! right. out. loud.)

Image result for a great leader quote goodreads

If getting everyone to the table is your specialty, don’t hem about it!

If difficult people fire you up (in a good way) crow about it! 

No one asked the ‘greatest weakness’ question. What has ‘been the biggest challenge’ was the key.

Epic Fail.

As one son said afterwards “It’s ok Mother. Everyone who knows you, knows there are no challenges in your life. You’ve always just done it.  And make it look easy.”

Thanks Son.

*Do not assume people who don’t know you will know when you’re joking (or will even think you’re funny- see Number 7).

Tell your story. (succinctly)

Be rested.

Sell your skills.

Pitch yourself.

Stick to the questions asked.

Let me be perfectly clear here.

( OH. now  she has clarity! you’re thinking)

I read, re-read the posting. Pondered the implications either way.

As I checked off the multitude of-nearly 50- skills sought, kidding aside, I’ve performed all of them repeatedly, successfully during the 30++ years I’ve educated.

All across the state.

As the Administrator in this position, I’d step into new opportunities I’ve always been good GREAT, PASSIONATE, at. (yay! already learning to pitch!) 🙂

Let me be clear again, confident then and now I can do the job.

Nearly everyone in the field thought it was dialed in.



See Number 10?

It was near the end. Or was it midway? How long have we been in this room?

What was the question? Was it about how long I’d been in Oregon? My age?

*Stick to the questions asked. If you’re unclear-ASK THEM TO REPEAT .

“Yes, I’m in Oregon for the long haul” I chirped.

*Do NOT assume people know your journey. Those out-of-state opportunities? (oy vey yes-she did- see Number 8) you turned them both down?  (say so.)

 How about you? What tips, triumphs or tragedy will you share?

Someone needs to hear your story. Guaranteed.

What did you do differently to dial in your next opportunity?

You’re asking-I’m answering

I do love living in sunny Central Oregon.

I will go where adventure, & God, leads.

I was simply hoping to be invited. And I was.


A graduate school friend, now a successful, popular Administrator sighed in remembrance, as I shared a few gory details:

“Sounds like my first Admin. interview.”





Now he tells me?

With (only partial) tongue in cheek-

‘Oh that one!?

She sure looks good on paper!’

Alas, Her Paper Trail stayed flat.

Luckily she kept her day job.

Until next time-

Gratefully, Shandra

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