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Head Games, Misplaced Loyalties & Other Happy Holiday Traditions

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“I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad the holidays are over, now will that be cash or credit?”

This perky, polished pixie {still sporting her perfectly buffed Rudolph manicure} nailed it.

Summed up with one quick ‘swipe’…Frazzled.

“Could I get you a gift bag?” {“or will you be eating all 5 chocolate bars on the tarmac?”}?” she cooed.

Holidays are a time of joyous celebrations, happy connections. {chocolate}

or rehashing of hurts, hangups & fears.

What’s  Your final answer?

Let the games begin! Come on. You know I’m not the only one here. Image result for dysfunctional holiday family games

Early days {& now days! that I think of it} seem to find me  always the odd one out. The ever growing whys, whens, how longs, more WHYs? to assuage an unquenchable curiosity in the midst of generational tradition where children {GIRLS} were seen as little as possible and heard not at all. Do not have a dissenting opinion. Do not express it. Ever.

Alas. A very small blonde haired-green eyed was not to skillfully initiate change. Change, of any kind, would be long coming, indeed.   Image result for misplaced loyalty quotes

Functioning through so many layered traditions serves well-as a survival mode.

You know the ones?-Our board game dice roll with: denial, religiosity, control, resentment, fear, passive-aggression. It truly is a great gift! One that keeps on giving but is so difficult to exchange or return. {Have you seen that waiting line?}

A true game of skill some never unlearn. It’s too hard.  “What? Learn the rules to another game? At my age?!”. Really, why should they? Knowing  Head Games  by heart is too much fun.

Avoidance is so easy. Preferable. Don’t talk about it=it doesn’t exist=it will go “away”.  right.

Simple survival though is missing a life well lived.

Quiet freedom.

This visit I didn’t ask many ‘whys’, but God did. Why do the echos still hold sway?  Why? 

Pressing in-their lingering footsteps finally skipping into the distance, like vestiges of a bygone era. Last wondering echos  laid to rest. You can lay yours down, too. If you choose. There’s no line, no waiting, no return receipt necessary.

You  might not change The World, or even those around you, but one obedient, positive step will change your Godly future and  Inheritance:. Guaranteed.

Penning this post during my layover  I looked up at just the opportune moment to receive & pass to you, on the first day of a brand New Beginning, the gift of this glorious one-size-fits-all, West Coast sun set. You’re Welcome.

Wishing you the Best in 2018.

Unheralded breakthrough .  Quiet freedom.

 Living life to the fullest, Shandra Lee

{& yes, I took the gift bag in case you wonder}

Until next time, {Dorothy had it right, by the way.} Just saying.


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