Of Detours, Cabbies and Ice

The best laid plans are those that-

a.get totally screwed up at the last minute.

b.send you flying out of a dead to the world {read drool} sleep.

c.find you yelling into the phone at 2:30 AM to rebook, reroute or SPEAK TO A HUMAN.

d.All Of The Above

A. cell phone buzzes at 1:30 am. “Flight canceled”. For most of the world this is not unexpected news during winter travel. In the Deep South it’s a bit of a dilemma when deep south becomes synonymous with ‘deep freeze’. When one flies from a small {read one TSA conveyor belt, two air carrier} regional airport ‘ice’ means STOP everything, cause ain’t nobody going nowhere.

B. see C. below

C. staying in the lower level of a two-floor apartment {built circa 1970, updated circa never} gives a sense of connection. Ensuring that everyone knows the time of your now canceled flight and the domino options before you. I didn’t take the flushing commode overhead personally. Did I mention this was on New Year’s Morning? No? Well, there’s that, too. If I ain’t sleeping, ain’t nobody sleeping.

D. Yep.

The best laid plans included a hired car to said Regional. 8:00 am. Left plenty of time in case the weather forecast was correct for a change. Nah. Never happen! (See a. above)

Finally, reaching an agent on only the first ring, Whew! Icy roads were not a problem! The problem? No way to de ice the small planes {OR my money’s on the crew going AWOL. Remember it was January 1. The day after #LoneStarNYE just saying}  “If it were me? I’d get myself to DFW to catch that connecting flight.” calmly coached The Voice  at the other end.

Image result for new years celebrate

Wait. All the flights are on time but here? What about the deep freeze?…oh right. A 1 TSA conveyor belt town.


Image result for domino effectThe network of calls, texts and good will to get this getting-pretty-darn-close to-unladylike-Lady a new ride {with here-to-fore unattainable- refunds} was appreciated. Instead of a 20 minute ride just down the road, it’s a ‘last minute’ find a driver for a 2 hour drive {4 hour for said driver} on a major freeway to a major travel hub….on a major holiday.

Only it wasn’t.

New year’s day? THE best day to fly. Guaranteed. {next to Christmas night red-eye}.

Pulling into the airport, JohnTheDriver was momentarily bewildered, as was I, by the lack of traffic or pedestrians as we circled upward.Were we in the right place? What’s going on?

I did make it just ahead of snowmagedon 2018 ‘Bomb Cyclone’:

New year’s day? THE best day to fly. Guaranteed.

What do you think about the best times, places seasons to travel? Have a funny or fantastic travel antecdote? Please share.

We’d love to know.

Shandra Lee ‘Have Passport Will Travel’ White Harris

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and of course-

Rick Steves

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