Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Since the beginning of time, okay since the beginning of Magnolia Market AKA  Fixer Upper  show!, my friends and I have plotted on how and when to get there.

Bucket list, check!√

It was a quick down and back trip for sure more of a reconnaissance mission, to be exact.

What’s all the hubbub? and is it worth another, more extensive trip.

It’s happening! Here and now.

take a peek.

The famous family were not around, that we could we tell. The famous view was. Silos and bakery. Check!√Even on a bleak winter’s day.

Magnolia Market is cute as you expect….and crowded. So so crowded. What is it about 75% off, anyway? And cupcakes. Just saying.

(This photo shared by a friend ^^^^^ so photogenic!!!)

Selfies City…..√

Here we are. The nanster and Moi, in front of the famous stage. A stage that stands as a testimony to one Waco family and and community’s  ‘Fixer Upper’ Family’s  AMAZING Testimony Of Faith.,  allowing God to work HIS will in their lives.

And with a quick nod to one more, #Nailedit 😅😅😅

Christmas at the Silos, selfie. Check. √

All photos by me, @shandra__lee . Oh, you noticed?😊😊😊

Until next time,

How bout you? Waco? Magnolia? Points beyond? How did you spend your Winter Break?

Love to hear!


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4 Replies to “From Here to There! Magnolia Market”

  1. Love this place; it’s like Disney World for adults haha. I made a YouTube video about what to do after. I haven’t been in almost a year, and I’m so ready to go back. I want the grilled cheese food truck!!! So glad you got to go!


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