We Have Ways ! Friday Fictioneers

“We have ways of making you talk!”

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice …”

PHOTO PROMPT © Victor and Sarah Potter


How did I get here? Last I recall was drink in hand.”

“Oh my head!” Bright lights came dully into focus to the annoyance of my pounding cranium.  A potting shed? A restaurant? Where ever, stainless steel was the Hygge way.


Curtain less, freezing and in clear need of a good dusting, there would not be a rebooking here.  Where ever here might be.  TripAdvisor would hear of this!

“Hello” I yelled.

From the shadows stepped a Bondesque wanna be, lighting a cigarette.

 “Cliche’, much?” I snarled.


You’ll never break me! bwahhhhhh.

um, well. Not to get carried away-

Almost forgot,  Linking with Rochelle. Check Out the other stories in the www.inlinkz.com   

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