Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Only if you are a hard-hearted grump miester Or born after 1990, would you not recognize the line from ‘The Princess Bride‘. Perhaps it’s because of remembrances of an 8 year olds costume of pink silk, ‘diamond’ tiara and  silver heels.  Or thoughts of little girls dressed in pink taffeta with translucent butterfly wings, twirling door to door-alongside swash buckling  pirates, swords at the ready.

Or perhaps it’s’ simply always and forever the hopeful romantic, for ever and a day, as you wish. That is the stuff of fairy tales and not true Life. Right? Where the Hero comes through winning over enemies to  make allies to save the Land and win The Bride.

The lovely thing about writing, as with a movie,  it can ebb and flow either way.

Clearly there is no mention of Buttercup (or her Westley) in the Bible. Nor were they parents. So how does their story fit in the line of Amazing biblical Mothers? Doesnt. Similarity  is found in the perseverance , loyalty , committment and love. He serving and protecting her  before she had ever even realized that he loved her coaxing er heart open with consistency, kindness , truth. She believing he was the enemy then realizing misperception. (but in all fairness he was dressed as The Pirate…no he Was the Pirate Roberts whom we were led to believe was a badun.). She willing to step away, let go , if that was what was best for him. True love cares more  for the happiness and well-being of other than self.

Westley  takes the role of servant to Buttercup, loving her while waiting for her to see.  Looking into her eyes at every request and responding “as you wish”. Gentleman qualities. ” Never pushing or forcing,  always available. When she is taken captive he pursues Giants, Swordsmen, Villians to rescue his beloved, without thought for his own wellbeing.

Jesus Christ serves, protects and pursues His Beloveds. Overtaking the enemy , rescuing us because He  cares. (Remember too, when Westley rescued Buttercup was really just the beginning of great adventure- R.O.U.S ? Just saying!)

With the same gentleman qualities as Westley, Christ came as Servant to all, laying down His life and available when we call. So many times we only call when we need rescuing, Psalm 18: 48, missing out on the rich relationship of walking daily with a close companion. Luke 24:15 . never realizing that truly until you experience His love, we’re just mostly dead all day .

Have you accepted His invitation? Without Salvation we’re in the pit.  Is your future secure as The Princess Bride?

Rev 19:7-9, Epheians  5:25-27

Isa 43:2 psalm 61:3 2Thes 3:3 zep 3:17 prov8:17

May 13, 2012 Shandra White Harris

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