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Milestones, Mishaps & Getting Here to There Leaning In

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The difference a year! or two… time does fly. Milestones; although usually celebratory, aren’t always ‘great’, but almost certainly are those moments one recognizes nothing will even be the same.

If you’d like to get warmed up, you’ll find more about ‘Milestones’ here > 

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One year ago 8/24/2015 (ok, 2+ 3+ at this posting-I’ve been away, you may not have noticed 😔 ) found One Woman quietly sipping Starbucks Flatwhite, extra hot. The quiet morning gently unfurled, the neighborhood not yet fully alive.

My own newly (again) empty nest, peaceful. A new start all around. I? In a beautiful newly built, turn-key home. (nearly 3 years now!)

Handy man ✋ Chef. #TheNewManRightInFrontOfme #Grillmaster

Turn key cuteness. Hire a lawn service and, viola! My home; #Lowmaintenance

Out of so much collective ‘drama’, so many ‘mishaps’, how can come so much joy?

Amen. ⤴⤴⤴ Notice on one of my lovely school sites. 🚫 Zero Drama Tolerance Policy. 🙌🙌

We’ve had our fair share. As I’m sure have you.

This post is a stake in the ground- we’ve chosen to lean in ; to growth, to learn from mistakes, mishaps, to celebrate getting from there to here while celebrating happy milestones and good health.

Well, enough of the words, you know what they say about a picture? How about a few more-from here to there.

From Kurios to Kona.

KURIOS: Big Top Touring Show | Cirque du Soleil

Kona Hawaii Big Island

A ‘few’ continuing ed. classes. He helps me study…aka “doing the – 🏫 school finance budgeting- math.” 💫

Had you popped round, your visit would have found me here ⤴⤴ often. Online cohort.

Thanks to these two, some faces to the admin. cohort. Kathy (middle) our Academic -Internship Advisor 2016-17. Cindy, local teacher extraordinaire.

Steel sharpens steel. ie, surround yourself with those Smarter and more experienced. ☑

This and that. #My2TallSons Who spark adventure, intelligent conversation and creativity

From small towns to the big city- #My2TallSons Adventure on.

#TheNewManRightInFrontOfMe ? He sticks around. Which I totally appreciate. 💕

Thoughtful, consistent, teachable heart 💕. (shhh 🙂 )

#TheNewManRightInFrontOfMe , welcomed his first grandchild – on the lookout for number two at his homestead.

Cuteness right there (-might be a bit partial.)

Pink gators, 🐻 bear house and GRod-Poppa.

When she was young ( and containable) 2017.

Milestones aplenty, milestones galore!

How about you?

What God brings together. For His purposes. Markers of moments. Celebrate. 💫

Milestones, although usually celebratory, aren’t always ‘great’. Those #2 ⬇⬇⬇⬇ moments marking changes or stages can be defining incredible sorrow or loss. Choose Joy.

plural noun: milestones

1. a

stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place.

2. an

action or event marking a significant change or stage in development

No matter what Life brings, learn from, Lean In .


Until next time,

Shandra Lee “she knew joy was one of her best accessories, so she made up her mind to wear it every day.” once again.


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