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Samantha Brown and others Tell It Like it is Vacation Days People

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I came across this young lady recently, Cristina of who expresses the Travel Love, so well;


“Apart from the freedom, I believe that traveling solo gives you time for contemplation and personal growth. It forces you to be a problem solver and it changes your view of the world opening your mind like nothing else does.”

As a long time solo sister, I totally get and agree with her points. Don’t misconstrue my intent; traveling with friends, fam., for work or group tours is just as spectacular. The freedom in a ‘get away’ is refreshing, recharging. Even a staycation.

Check out her blog and social media.

And then, for your encouragement, 🙂 we have one of my all time favs. :

Until next time,

What are you waiting for? Plan, Plan, Plan, People! 🙂

Shandra Lee

What’s your favorite vacation spot, app, planner,travel site? Do tell!

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